It can be true of many events in life, that you only ever get one chance to make a first impression. Some Sellers think that means a total remodel or repainting of their home and barn, if they have one, but that is not always the best course of action.


We at the Farms in Ocala Team, will be happy to discuss with you the best possible ways in which to maximize the first visual impact that a Buyer will experience, when they first set foot on your Farm in Ocala, Anthony or Sparr, for example. Sometimes, a Sellers perception of their farm, is not always what we and consequently any Buyer will see when we first walk through your Farm in Ocala or Reddick.


There are many factors indeed to consider, but sometimes a little common sense can prevail. We always suggest making sure all fence boards are in place (there is nothing worse than pulling up to a beautifully manicured Farm in Micanopy, only to see a couple of boards down; this can set an air of unease with the potential buyer, wondering just what else might be out of place, and possibly need repairing.) It is always a good idea to have as much in place as possible, even if it is slightly worn, because Buyers will always feel more at ease with a complete picture of a Farm in Anthony or Ocala, than one that is obviously missing pieces. Make sure to the best of your ability, that the pastures are picked or dragged, the grass is not totally overgrown, and the fence lines trimmed as much as possible. As far as the barn is concerned, try to not have any trash out there, especially empty feed bags that can attract unwanted rodents and insects.


Staging your Farm in Ocala to Sell


As far as the home is concerned, Buyers agents say that staging has value, as 81% of people state that this makes it easier to visualize the property (and probably makes the property listing photographs stand out better too!) Sometimes, Buyers just do not see the potential in a property, unless it is made blatantly obvious to them. If you have some nice show saddles and tack, put them in an empty room.


The same goes for musical instruments if you have them. Some buyers like every room to have a meaning, a purpose, in their intended new residence in their Farm in Ocala, Anthony, or Reddick, for example. With over 86% of our Buyers coming from out of the area, a nicely staged home can entice a Buyer to not delay in making a planned move. Also, a properly staged home can make Buyers more willing to overlook any obvious faults in the home. Beauty can truly be in the eye of the beholder! Sometimes, staging is the cheapest and easiest way to enhance the look of your Farms in Ocala. The most important rooms to stage in order:




Living Room


Master Bedroom

Dining Room


Children’s Bedrooms

Guest Bedroom

Some buyers are only interested in the stables, barn and pastures, in other words, the horse accommodations on the Farm in Anthony, Ocala, Reddick or Sparr, looking at the home as incidental. You can be assured that the Team at Farms in Ocala has experienced this many times! In summary, let us guide you as best we can, the ways in which to best present your Farm in whichever municipality in or around Ocala to Buyers Worldwide.




The 4 P’s to Selling:


If you are considering Listing your Ocala Farm For Sale, the choices of Ocala Realtors are wide. With Marco and the Farms in Ocala Team, you get a Real Estate Company that not only know and own Marion County Horse Farms and horses, but also have owned horses their whole lives. It is critically important to choose a Realtor and Team that not only have the experience, but also understand the Seller’s motivation. There are many reasons people sell; they are either upsizing, downsizing, moving from a home to a Marion County farm, moving from a farm to a home, relocating in Florida, relocating out of State, and so on. Using the right Product to Customize a Multiple Listing Service Listing reaching 100’s of renowned websites both Nationally and Internationally, you are guaranteed more exposure, and consequently a faster sale.


Find Farms in Ocala with a Professional Team


The Team at Farms in Ocala have the most up to date, current tools to achieve this. Therefore, choosing the right Person to market your property is the next step. If you do not like who you are dealing with, this makes for a very uncomfortable transaction; it is hard to trust someone you do not like with any decision, let alone to entrust someone with the sale of your home, and quite possibly your largest asset. With that being said, let us evaluate the best Price for you to achieve your goals in your chosen time frame. This is something many Real Estate agents miss, but in many cases this can be the most important deciding factor in a move. Do you need to move for a job relocation next month? Are you retiring, and have a longer marketing plan to achieve your desired result? Do you have to move your professional facility quickly, to grow with an increasing equine client demand?


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There are many critical factors to consider here. And last but certainly not least, we will use our referral network to find you the very best Realtor at your newly chosen Place of residence. If you have not yet chosen one, and if you are staying in the area, let that be us. We will make for a smooth, seamless transaction for you, to the very best of our ability. Moving Farms in Ocala and Marion County is our chosen business!

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